Who Am I?

Dusan Paredes is a Full Professor in the Department of Economics at Universidad Católica del Norte, where he has made significant contributions to the field of regional and urban economics. His research expertise centers around identifying causal mechanisms characterized by spatial spillovers, with a particular emphasis on regional labor and housing markets.

Dusan has demonstrated exceptional leadership and service throughout his career. He previously served as the Dean of the School of Economics and Business Management and Head of Department of Economics at Universidad Católica del Norte. He was also elected as President of the Chilean Society of Regional Studies – SOCHER and was nominated by the President of Chile to serve on the esteemed Productivity and Evaluation National Commission.

Dusan is the Principal Researcher of several prestigious research projects, including three Chilean Regular FONDECYT National Science Project and an International Networks Project (CONICYT). He has also led notable projects for the Agricultural Department and the Lincoln Land Institute in the United States. In recognition of his outstanding contributions, he was awarded the Peter Nijkamp RSAI Research Encouragement Award in 2017.

Dusan also serves as an Associate Editor for the esteemed journal Resource Policy (ISI Q1). His extensive research and service activities have earned him a reputation as a respected and accomplished scholar in the field of regional and urban economics.