Dusan Paredes is Full Professor of the Department of Economics at the Universidad Católica del Norte. He serves as the Dean of the School of Economics and Business Management. He is President of the Chilean Society of Regional Studies, and he spends time as a visiting researcher at both Michigan State University and the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

He obtained his Ph.D. from the University of Illinois (2008-2012) and his Post-Doctorate from Michigan State University. His research focuses on strategies for identifying the causal mechanisms characterized by spatial spillovers in the areas of regional and urban economics. His published work breaks ground in regional labor and housing markets with special emphasis on regional and urban economics.

Dusan is the Principal Researcher of a Chilean Regular FONDECYT National Science Project, and International Networks Project (CONICYT) and several other international research projects. He serves on different commissions for the Chilean Government related to scientific funding and postgraduate scholarships. Dusan also serves as Associate Editor for the journal Resource Policy (ISI Q1). He won the Peter Nijkamp RSAI Research Encouragement Award in 2017 for outstanding research.


Top 5 Research Projects

Nº 1191162

Fondecyt Regular (Economics Field)

Principal Researcher: Do mining tax windfalls crowd out other local revenues? Evidence from Chile.

Chilean Government, 2019-2022 (US$125,000)

Nº 11121247

Fondecyt Initiation (Economics Field)

Principal Researcher: The spatial income inequality in Chile.

Chilean Government, 2012-2015 (US$125,000) (Ranked First Place in Economics Field).

Nº 120121

CONICYT Research networks and international internships

Principal Researcher: “Regional disparities and regional science: learning from experiences in Chile and Brazil”.

Chilean Government, 2015-2017 (US$75,000)

Nº 120047

CONICYT Research networks and international internships

Principal Researcher: “International Consortium of Regional Research Institutes and Centers West Virginia University Regional Research Institute”.

Chilean Government, 2013-2015. (US$75,000)

Nº 180001

CONICYT Research networks and international internships

Principal Researcher: “Research collaboration network between NCRCRD (Michigan State University) and IDEAR (Universidad Catolica Del Norte) on regional development”.

Chilean Government, 2018-2021 (US$85,000)

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Metodología para Estimar un Índice Regional de Costo de Vivienda en Chile

Cuadernos de Economía.


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